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Wet Cement Pool Party: The Awardening!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 1, 2013, 8:12 AM
Well - I am back from vacation!!!!

(Well, I've been back for the week - but work awaited me as is always the treat at the end of fun times) 

:iconmudivy: BOOOOOOOO!

But it was a glorious time at the beach :) :) :) 

Sand, fun, FOOD, mysterious adventures, games, assorted adult beverages, and LOBSTER TAIL!!!!!! 

:iconhai-kulture: YUMMY!!!!!!

And although I have had the sniffles the past two days - I definitely don't think I got THE MONO like I did last year! 

:iconmudivy: :iconhai-kulture: YAY US!!!!!!

While I was away the Judge Gnomes were hard at work and now that I am home the Budget Gremlins have cleared funding...

Time to award prizes, give praise, and wear sparkly little tiaras. 


WET CEMENT POOL PARTY: THE AFTERMATHERY:iconmudivy: Thank you EVERYONE for this wonderousment :iconhai-kulture:

You didn't just enter a conteskoning!


Thank you for creating scenes and memories from our virtual day together.

Because that's what we did - together - we created.... 

A DAY!!!!

How about that? 
Well - we have the pictures to prove it!
Summer days - spent with friends and family - fun and frivolity - that even the sun is hesitant to set on. 
Those are the best summer days
Let's start ours :) :heart: :) :heart: :) 
So welcome everyone!
DEVfriends - DEVfamily - Beloved OC's
Thank you for sharing - for CREATING - this day with me!
I hope you enjoy yourselves.
BEST.     DAY.    EVER!!!!!!!
As you can plainly see!

:iconhai-kulture: Welcome to our Backyard!!!!!!!! :ic

*** *** ***

The Best Use of Le Femme Joey Ramone in a Photobomb

:iconhai-kulture: Also known as the Blitzkrieg Shopp'd Award

:iconmudivy: And the nominees are....

:iconhai-kulture: FEMME RAMONE!!! by Chaos5five5 Le Femme Joey Ramone and assorted other Ramones by :iconchaos5five5: 

:iconmudivy: Femme Joey Ramone Photobomb by bhudicae LOL JOEY or I Don't Wantz FJR by :iconbhudicae:

:iconhai-kulture:  LE FEMME JOEY RAMONE PHOTOBOMB by demontroll Very Still Life or Le Femme Joey Ramone in her natural habitat by :icondemontroll: 

:iconmudivy: Ewwwwwwwwww

:iconhai-kulture: And the winner is.....


:iconhai-kulture: And :iconbhudicae: will be receiving 150 points, an official FJR watch and llama, and a private message from Femme Joey Ramone!

:iconmudivy: And a total neural wipe of her definition of the word 'prize'! YAY???? still remember the FJR account password right?

:iconhai-kulture: Hmmm...I think so

:iconmudivy: :iconhai-kulture: Congratulations Bhudi!!!!!!!

:iconmudivy: I know we are doing an award a night for the next week, but this one was kind of 'Best Story Boarding for a Foreign Animated Short'

:iconhai-kulture: What do you mean?

:iconmudivy: You know- the one that no one cares about and they just scroll by real fast. Sure they let some Czech guy give a hour long acceptance speech into Skype, but he hasn't clue one that no one is actually watching or even recording it. It's really just one in the afternoon 'Award Time' and everybody is out eating little finger sandwiches and saying 'Yeah, the red carpet should probably go there, Charlie'. 

:iconhai-kulture: Well, you have to start off small - build excitement. 

:iconmudivy: Poor little Czech guy. He probably thinks Randy Newman is going to sing his song. 

:iconhai-kulture: Ummm...ok...

:iconmudivy: They probably gave Randy Newman the song and Randy Newman was all 'What is this jibber-jabber?!!!!!' That's something Randy Newman probably says. And here's the little Czech guy just smiling away and talking into Skype Emptiness and his short film is just some weirdo rubber-limbed Steamboat Willie thing looking at a fried egg. And Charlie the Red Carpet Positioner is all 'Hey! Mister Randy Newman! I wrote this song on a napkin...' and Randy Newman throws down his roast beef sandwich with great urgency and says 'Charlie! I'm going to play that right now!' 

Poor little Czech guy...

:iconhai-kulture: uh-huh.... well, tomorrow we start with the runners-up and there will be a HUGE announcement about the prizes. 

:iconmudivy: Huge announcement!!!! I am on pins and needles!!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: I thought that might perk you up...

:iconmudivy: No...wait...hold it. I'm just sitting on the bad end of the couch. You know where that errant spring is...

Of course, we should take a moment and be thankful for our couches. I bet that poor little Czech guy sold his on the black market so he could buy some boards to story about his weird Steamboat Willie thing and the fried egg. And you know who is laughing in his face...RANDY NEWMAN!

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh*

:iconmudivy: I mean he would be if the other end of the Skype was even on...

*** *** ***

Runner Up Award
Best Themed Entry in Category: Summery

:iconhai-kulture: And the winner is...

:iconmudivy: Woah! Woah! Woah! Hold on! You said there was a big announcement about prizes! What are you trying to do? Get all Randy Newman on everyone?

:iconhai-kulture: That's right - after intensive deliberation by the Judge Gnomes and silent, yet profound nods from the Budget Gremlins...

:iconmudivy: Those guys are so cute! I make them wear those little green 1920's Scrooge McDuck accountant visors. 

:iconhai-kulture: Yes - putting the manic side in charge of accounting was a stroke of genius. We used to get thank-you letters from Amazon...

:iconmudivy: And thankfully avoided letters from the IRS about tax write-offs...

:iconhai-kulture: Well, anyway, since EVERYBODY showed up at the little nonsensical virtual pool party and just did a tremendous job and put forth such crazy effort, I thought hard work, friendship, and fun should have its rewards. I was so overwhelmed by how it went from a bit of silly fluff... a contest....

... to a DAY!!!!

:iconmudivy: It was truly the fashionable DA event of the summer. Take that 'Draw Riddick's Mug'!

:iconhai-kulture: You are right - it became an EVENT!

:iconmudivy: It certainly did - everybody who was anybody was there eating virtual salsa and chips and whatnot. 


*eyeballs people who did not come*

:iconhai-kulture: And going to enough Cons and watching the Penny Arcade Duo climb down from their Fortress of Gold to scribble on a napkin for 5 seconds at $30 dollars a pop - well I know - that art should have its rewards. I may not be able to do it - but I can recognize the imagination, the time, the effort, and most importantly - the love, even if it is just in the name of silliness. It was very hard to pick through the entries which is why I had to enlist the aid of actual Judge Gnomes to help me. Everyone was amazed at all the effort and imagination put into the submissions...

:iconmudivy: *giggle* After the initial eye rolls and head shakes that a virtual pool was filled with wet cement, of course.

:iconhai-kulture: Admittedly, our Dark Secrets of the Shoelessness are not unknown to our fleshworld friends. 

But as I said, the Judge Gnomes were most impressed with all the effort and imagination put into the submissions and...

:iconmudivy: ...and the fact that only we would think to throw a pool party for our virtual friends...

:iconhai-kulture: ...and that those virtual friends did something spectacular in the name of a celebration of fun and friendship. So it has been decided that while it was announced that runners up would receive a one month preemie....

Runners up will be receiving a THREE MONTH PREEMIE!

:iconmudivy: WOW!

 And what do the big winners get now?

:iconhai-kulture: Ummm....still pretty much a three month preemie...but they will all get the added bonus of + [???]

:iconmudivy: And what is [???]? Confusion at being flirted with by a non-player character in a JRPG? 

:iconhai-kulture: That is something to be announced later...along with a few more surprise announcements before the award ceremony is over!!!!


:iconmudivy: Thanks for the mood music Mister Mysterioso! Much like an actual wet cement pool party - the plot thickens...


:iconmudivy: I love that guy. That's a hyper-dimensional disembodied floating head you can take home to Mother. 

Speaking of awards and avoiding commentary on our Mum...

WHO WON??????????????

:iconhai-kulture: The winner of Best Themed Entry in Category: Summery is:

by :iconsuiish:

:iconhai-kulture: The whole idea behind WCPP '013 and just throwing a pool party for virtual friends in general was just that -friendship. I think Lil Suii's submission sums that up in a summery way. I love how she decided to 'borrow' various OC's from their respective dimensions so we could all get together for a day. What says summer better than pretty summery outfits and shopping?

:iconmudivy: I can tell you 'what says summer better' in one word: 


:iconhai-kulture: *sigh* I had a feeling that was coming. 

I really like how she designed everyone's outfit to fit their style, personality, and color schemes. Suii in her magical way put as much effort into everyone's outfit as she did with the DEVpersonas themselves. Everyone looks so cute and summery! (All this with a busted hand! ) I actually quested out one day on vacation to find an outfit to match the one she designed for me. I found a perfect top and a shimmery purple skirt, but sadly that tremendous hat will only exist on DA :( I don't know how people got wind that I sport floppy hats in the summer time...

:iconmudivy: No one gives a damn about your weird sun phobia. 

Do you see SUKA!!!!!!! She's all super cute and in pink and black! She's so adorable! Do you see her purse! Do you see her outfit?!?! SUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Now that's an outfit! Look at her little charm and her belt. She's wearing that in SUKA STYLE! Only Suka can pull that off with her Suka style. She's my best friend! 


:iconhai-kulture: She's my friend also...

:iconmudivy: Nope. You're kind of real and I'm kind of OC and since she's OC - we're OC BESTIES!!!!!! SUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh* 

:iconmudivy: time she said she hated you and put your icon up :iconhai-kulture: like that and then she said she loved me and put my icon up twice :iconmudivy: :iconmudivy: just like that! Hahahahaha! She's the best! SUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: I highly doubt any of this...

:iconmudivy: Suka - Giggle + BounceSUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAA! Suka - Giggle + Bounce

:iconhai-kulture: ARE YOU DONE?

:iconmudivy: ... ... ...yes

:iconhai-kulture: Good!

:iconmudivy: SUUKKAAA!

:iconhai-kulture: What was that? 

:iconmudivy: I said 'Congratulations lil Suii! ' ...and Suka did say she hated you and then put your icon up :iconhai-kulture: like that  *grumble grumble*

:iconhai-kulture: What are you mumbling about and why is my icon just floating in space?

:iconmudivy: I have no idea. 


It must be a DEVbug. I bet they are trying to move the Fave button around again or something. Time to get the powdered drink mix Jonestown style and line-up for another DEVrapture!

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh* ...great...

:iconmudivy: :iconhai-kulture: Congratulations Lil Suii!!!!!!!!!

:iconmudivy: SUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hee hee*

*** *** ***
Runner Up Award
Best Themed Entry in Category: Squishy

:iconmudivy: *gasp* BLUURRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH *gasp*

:iconhai-kulture: Well - that's an entrance...


:iconhai-kulture: Is this your montage of the 'Best Five Seconds of Seth MacFarlane' that Petey Pops reminded us of? Because if it've nailed it!

:iconmudivy: Just shut your Danish Canyon, Missy!

:iconhai-kulture: What the hell is a Danish Canyon? 

:iconmudivy: It's a larger version of Pie Hole...

So just shut it! This is all your fault!

:iconhai-kulture: What are you prattling on about now?!!?

:iconmudivy: You. This is all your doing! You had to go back to work today! You had to sit through a bunch of dumbo department meetings and then do all your little nit-picky classroom roster paperwork.

:iconhai-kulture: And?

:iconmudivy: And what was I supposed to do? I'm supposed to keep quiet! So I just sort of snuggle down in a nice quiet corner of your brain to take somewhere between a Slow 5 and a Quick 30. Fine. I understand. But first of all, you have pretty lumpy brain. Your grey matter is like a low end IKEA futon. 


:iconmudivy: And then you get a headache because you forgot to bring your stupid Steampunky tinted glare glasses! I'm trying to sleep the sleep of the righteous and about one inch from my face is this throbbing vein or capillary cluster or nerve bundle or something. Whatever causes headaches! I dunno! Because thankfully I was able to sleep through most of your biology class. *Va-boom* *Va-boom* Right there in my face! It was like that time we slept in that tent in Gretchen Berry's backyard and it slowly collapsed around us through the night and you were afraid to wake her up so you just watched the Nylon Cask of Armadillo slowly fall in our faces every time she rolled over...

:iconhai-kulture: Amontillado. And that was about being walled up-  not having some barrel cooper come in and built a cask around your noggin. Now slow descent of doom - that's 'The Pit and...

:iconmudivy: Cake Pit. Shut it. Now. 

:iconhai-kulture: tonight's award is a runner up award: Best Themed Entry in Category: Squishy 

:iconmudivy: And the winner is....

Contest Entry: Zhelly pool summer fun by Kei-Waza
by :iconkei-waza: 

:iconhai-kulture: There's just so much squishy in this. It's like a jello mold. It's like glue. It's like pretty rubber cement. It's like jam. It's like Gak which is just like Flubber in technicolor. It's like melty gummis. It's like taffy. It's like hand...

:iconmudivy: Don't say it! Not 'The Devil's Game'!***


***(See WCPP '013: The Aftermathery Issue 18 'I'm So Zhelly' for the girls' PSA on the attractive temptation of hand sanitizer ---Stan Lee

'NUFF SAID! Excelsior!!!!!!!****) 

:iconmudivy: Thanks Uncle Stan! It takes a real man to be his own tool  

****(See everything Marvel has ever done - ever ---:iconmudivy: Just sayin'!  Helsingør!!!!!!!!! *****) 

*****(We love Stan Lee and Marvel and mean that in a good way - honestly! ---Us)

:iconmudivy: We are so getting letters about that one *eep*  

Just keep looking at the super cute Magnime version of us folks. [***MASSIVE DISTRACTION***]

:iconhai-kulture:'s like a thousand count Lip Smackers and Chapstiks left in the sun. It's like swimming in a Jellie sandal. It's Zhelly. 

:iconmudivy: It coats and soothes and squishes as you swim...ummmm flail gracefully...ummm slog? Probably there is a slog involved. Swimming and slogging. SWOGGING!

:iconhai-kulture: Swimming and squishing!

:iconmudivy: SWISHING!

:iconhai-kulture: Anyone can throw a wet cement pool party - but Shogun Waza invented Zhelly...and 12 feet of it just for the day!

:iconmudivy: Zhelly - take me away!!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: I think you can use it. You are still looking pretty rough around the edges...

:iconmudivy: And whose fault is that?

:iconhai-kulture: I don't know...I'm guessing the one who screamed 'SUKA!!!!!' last night until she went hoarse and drank 2 'Midnight Mimosas' while and I quote: 'Pouring one for my Sukies' 



:iconmudivy: :iconhai-kulture: Congratulations Shogun Waza! 

*** *** ***
Runner Up Award
Best Themed Entry in Category: Summer for Squishy

:iconhai-kulture: Well, we ran into a bit of a problem with this one...

:iconmudivy: We did?

:iconhai-kulture: Yes - the Judge Gnomes deadlocked on the voting. There was no clear winner. So we developed a ranking system to determine the top 3 representatives in the Summer for Squishy category and the Judge Gnomes deadlocked again. There was a three-way tie. 

:iconmudivy: I will have the Judge Gnomes summarily executed. *salutes* Be right back!

:iconhai-kulture: Just hold on! There will be NO executing of Judge Gnomes!

:iconmudivy: How about just this guy? *grabs Judge Gnome* Has he really been earning his salt around here???

:iconhai-kulture: Put him down!

:iconmudivy: How about I just poke him? REEALLLY HARD! 

(Judge Gnome meeping)

Random Judge Gnome: *meep meep meep*

:iconhai-kulture: No! Since there was a three-way ... TWICE! There is only one real solution...

:iconmudivy: I see where this is going! CONTESKONING!!!!! We get cute little T-shirts made with the 3 tied contestants' entries and put them on the Judge Gnomes. Then we watch them fight each other to the two-way death - last gnome standing is CONTESKONKING! 


And truth be told, I'm not placing bets on Ol Pokey over here...

:iconhai-kulture: There will be more than one. If a three-way tie happens twice, the only solution is to give everyone a prize!

:iconmudivy: That's a pretty expensive solution. I'll just go post an auction for Judge Gnome Black Market Kidneys on the E-bay. No worries Chief!

:iconhai-kulture: Will you just stop!

:iconmudivy: Just trying to be a problem solver!

:iconhai-kulture: Well, one out of two...

:iconmudivy: Huh? I don't get it....

This is why people say you are confusing...

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh* Since there is a three-way unbreakable tie - three prizes will be awarded tonight - each one receiving a three month preemie. 

:iconmudivy: So this was another of your 'Big Announcement' hoo-hahs you were saving up? 

:iconhai-kulture: I think it is a pretty big deal and shows proper respect to the caliber and imagination of the entries. 

And the winners for Best Themed Entry in Category: Summer for Squishy are:

Wet cement Pool party by Shannonandklara
by :iconshannonandklara:

:iconhai-kulture: I like the quietness of this piece. Even though I discovered it wasn't the intent, it just has a quiet summer night feel. The solace of a summer dusk where you might catch a rare firefly dancing in the corner of your world. A summer moment where you just breathe in the night, where you can taste summer on just the tip of your tongue, and you feel thankful. The Judge Gnome who rallied this entry said that it simply seemed to be two friends caught in a quiet moment of twilight, but then you go...wait a minute! Summer can be pool parties, fireworks, and beaches awash in the haze of sizzling oils: hot, brash, and loud. Summer can also be quiet - the nights a cricket chirp against the fanfare of the day. Summer can be subtle, so can squishy. Summer nights can tip-toe up on us and then our eyes open and it is like being in Fairyland. 

:iconmudivy: TINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh* Don't start....

The Summer For Squishy by Dianabolique
by :icondianabolique:

:iconhai-kulture: As much as I like the first winner for the quietness of it all, I liked this one for being the opposite. This is the coin flip of a summer night. This is fanfare. This is dancing in the purple darkness of summer night. This is a celebration. If there was a banner for WCPP '013 - this would be it. This says 'The Summer for Squishy'!!!!! Or as Mommy Dragonne says: the madness of it all. :hug: Summer is a time of madness. Of noise. Of music. Of laughter. Cacophony becomes symphony. Silliness can be the norm for a bit. We can stop hurrying, stop shuttling back and forth, and just dance. Wet Cement Pool Party was just that - a party! The Judge Gnome who rallied this said that my intent was to throw a virtual pool party, to celebrate a summer for squishy, and this one said it best. I can't argue with that. :) 

The Frolick by Everyday-Grind-Comic
By :iconeveryday-grind-comic:

:iconhai-kulture: Nothing says 'Summer' more than a good frolic and nothing says 'Squishy' more than the temptation of a smooth unsullied wet cement sidewalk. The carefree fun of this piece just says 'Summer for Squishy'! Summer fun and frolicking was the foundation the First Annual Wet Cement Pool Party '013 was built on.

:iconmudivy: I'm still not a fan of the potato sack dress though. 

:iconhai-kulture: Well, Ben Friend is the eternal 'guy'. So costuming is not his strong suit.

:iconmudivy: It's not his strong dress either... 

:iconhai-kulture: Hush. The other foundation the WCPP rests on is: Friendship. Unrelated to his entry - Ben Friend was my first real exclusive DEVfriend. Somehow I stumbled on his little DEVcomic and started up a conversation. A few weeks after that he held the 'Too Cool for Shoes' contest and I entered...

:iconmudivy: I entered. You didn't even exist yet. You still hid behind me. 

:iconhai-kulture: And you weren't much more than a personality free lurker shell. 

:iconmudivy: True. 

:iconhai-kulture: Ah the salad years. 

Well - we entered his Art contest with a Story and blew away one of his Judge Gnomes and won second place. 

:iconmudivy: Not too shabby for a Wordbender in Artland! :) 

:iconhai-kulture: But more importantly - through that contest we met Jade and Speedy. And through them we met Bhudi and Reign and stupid KROG. And through them we met Suii and Anya and...and...and....

:iconmudivy: The DEVweb spun out as it continues to spin.

:iconhai-kulture: Ben Friend made us a friend and in all honesty, we probably wouldn't be on here now if it wasn't for that fact. We probably wouldn't have made the great friends we made if it wasn't for that fact. And we wouldn't have made all the DEVfriends we have now if it wasn't for that fact. Friends we wanted to have over for a virtual pool party. 

In a way, The First Annual Wet Cement Pool Party '013 wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ben - so he might be the real foundation of all this. 

:iconmudivy: That girl up there running through that tempting, forbidden sidewalk means an awful lot to us. 

:iconhai-kulture: She means as much as all of you do to me. 

:iconmudivy: And he still hasn't drawn our sketch prize of the characters from my story! So he gets a prize from our contest before we get his from two years ago - hmmmm - his shame-faced embarrassment next time he logs on will mean an awful lot to me :) *hee hee hee* 

:iconhai-ulture: *sigh*

:iconmudivy: :iconhai-kulture: Congratulations Ariel, Mommy Dragonne, and Ben Friend!!!!

*** *** ***
Grand Prize Award
The Mister Mysterioso Prize Most Mysterious

:iconhai-kulture: As is customary in awards shows, it is now the moment where we pad for time and build tension...

:iconmudivy: Haven't you been padding for time all along?

:iconhai-kulture: I'll choose to ignore that. 

A grand tradition of award shows is to pepper the awkward prompter dialogue and rambling acceptance speeches with musical numbers. Since we are about to enter the grand prize section of The First Annual Wet Cement Pool Party '013: The Awardening and give out the final 3 prizes - the Grand Prizes - I thought we would stick with this grand tradition have a musical number!

:iconmudivy: Hold on! Throwing a virtual pool party is one thing, but creating a textual musical number??? C'mon - no way! Really? A musical number? What is this - a television series in its sixth season? You really need to stop the Whedon worship!

:iconhai-kulture: Don't worry - I've hired a professional

:iconmudivy: That's probably for the best. No one reads these journals anyway - a musical number would surely drive away the throngs of one. 

:iconhai-kulture: *eye roll* thanks...

:iconmudivy: Come to think of it - throngs of one - that would just be a 'throng'. Anyway, I always thought you sang like a kitten...

:iconhai-kulture: Really? Thanks! *grin*

:iconmudivy: that's being neutered, but a kitten nonetheless. 

:iconhai-kulture: *sigh*

:iconmudivy: So who is the big musical guest? Is it Sammy Davis Jr.!!!! See you laughed at me 3 journals ago when I said the 'SD-Jr' would be stopping by. I'll just grab my recorder so I can accompany him on 'Mr. Bojangles' ...

Mister Bojangles: *mew mew*

:iconmudivy: KITTY!!! Hello Mr. Happy Belly! *kiss kiss kiss*

:iconhai-kulture: While you wrestle with our kitty, do you mind if introduce our musical guest? There's only so many roast beef sandwiches back stage...

:iconmudivy: ....wait a minute...did you say 'roa...


Dere's uh truck goin' down duh street
Filled wit people I wants to meet




:iconhai-kulture: Since I am down a presenter, Mister Mysterioso, would you do the honors?






*fumbles with envelope*

[ second...this secretive paper folder is confounding my hyper-dimensional fingers. I mean -it's a formal occasion-  you wear white gloves - any jackanape would know that ...there we go...]


<**THUN   >

[ just hold the thunder Sid. The moment is one of tense most past ]

Stomping Grapes by demontroll
by :icondemontroll:

:iconhai-kulture: Since the Mister Mysterioso Award was a sort of whatever I wanted it to be - I required no assistance of the Judge Gnomes for this one. This entry just made me smile and laugh. I suppose this is the self-indulgence award. While WCPP was about bringing virtual friends and OCs together to spend a fun day poolside, Demontroll really forded my muddy stream of consciousness to, well, bring ME/me together. How could I not laugh. While it appears I am damned to OC myself with bubblegum, barefootery, and the infamous black cocktail dress if I am ever destined to meet any of you at a Con, I really had to cheer the distinct slices of hai-VY he took the time to create and more so: interpret. 

:iconmudivy: in all her bratty, pouty, pink little princess-ness

:iconhai-kulture: in her more sensible tank-top and water tub. A darker shade of under-Goth and staying safe in the shadows. Serious, hesitant, and yet 'Meh - whatever'.

:iconmistermysterioso: What can be said? Who knew the hyper-dimensions held the true vixen?



:iconhai-kulture: And it was also nice to see that someone does indeed read my journals :) 

:iconhai-kulture: :iconmistermysterioso: Congratulations Demontroll!!!!

:iconmudivy: *pant pant* What did  I miss?

:iconhai-kulture: Mister Mysterioso stopped by. 

:iconmudivy: I bet he had white gloves on. That guy - he's all class!

By the way, I'm going to need a new recorder...

:iconhai-kulture: ...umm....

:iconmudivy: ...and Mister Vertically Intolerant - he's going to need a new spleen

*** *** ***
Grand Prize Winners
Grand Prizes Most Grandiose and The Slightly Less

:iconhai-kulture: Well, this is it - awards have been awarded, the hyper-dimensions pierced, and Randy Newman is being rushed to the ER. While the awards were suppose to stretch just one more night - I have to hop it to The Apple tomorrow and stay with Beautiful Jenn as a bit of craziness came out of the blue and I have work related business eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrlllly Monday morning in the city. 

:iconmudivy: Beautiful Jenn makes the best blueberry pancakes!

:iconhai-kulture: But these awards weren't going to be bookshelved in shenanigans as the final awards never are - everyone is always itching to get backstage for champagne and shrimp cocktails.

:iconmudivy: So without further ado...

:iconhai-kulture: Presenting the Runner-ups of all runner-ups

A Slightly Lesser Grand Prize (but still Grand)
Hai-Kulture's Wet Cement Pool Party by SymbioticFedoraGeek
by :iconsymbioticfedorageek:

:iconhai-kulture: Just absolutely too much fun! The whole purpose of the virtual pool party was for DEVfriends to get together and hang out - OCs were invited and Araghen brought them in spades! The majority of his Flygirl characters are here! As a lover of clever costuming - I had to relish in the swimsuit designs. The always sassy Rebecca is sporting a themed bikini in her Flygirl colors. I'm resplendent in my ACTUAL-ish favorite tankini courtesy of Hot Topic and their love of skeletal lolis. Flytrap is... well sporting shades on her Breastface. While this summed up both Summery and Squishy for me, I think the most important aspect was that Flygirl and Flytrap are both enjoying the day together. This completely summed up what I wanted WCPP to be: a day that everybody and anybody could enjoy - a day where the only requirement was to have fun. When the bitterest of enemies stop to play, when the rest of the world fades away and you can just stop and realize it's summer - that's a wet cement pool party. Besides having a sociopathic genetic mutant in your backyard - that's a five star DEVparty. It's a Debmutante Ball!!!

:iconhai-kulture: :iconmudivy: Congratulations Araghen!!!!

:iconhai-kulture: A drum roll if you please...

:iconmudivy: Ok, be right back...

:iconhai-kulture: PUT DOWN THE FAN!!!!!!

:iconmudivy: *drat*...ok....



:iconmudivy: Nah - it needs more of a sustain, like...


:iconhai-kulture: *sigh*

:iconmudivy: That's not even close!

:iconhai-kulture: And the winner of the Super Grand Prize Most Gradiose is...

The Super Grand Prize Most Grandiose!!!!!!!!

Ivy Visits Adv. Island (WCPP Conteskoning )PG13 by pete1672
by :iconpete1672:

:iconhai-kulture: There has been a discussion of friendship during this award ceremony. The whole point of WCPP '013 was fun, frivolity, and friendship. During the award for Ben Friend's entry I discussed the DEVfriend phenomena and how WCPP wouldn't have have existed if it wasn't for all of you. I invited all my virtual friends to a pool party, but it wouldn't have been 'The Day' it was if it wasn't for you. The story of this entry extends beyond the virtual, beyond TheDEV, and has one foot in reality.

Back during the End Times someone dubbed The Y2K when I stayed up all night in order to run outside and catch a falling plane in my waify teen-aged arms, there was no DEV. There was a little thing called mIRC. And on this archaic bi-colored chat box, I bumped into this guy called Pete. I have a habit of unknowingly becoming a mascot to various things and somehow I became a semi-mascot to a bunch of guys who would chat in a bi-colored box at 1 am. They were always kind. They were always polite. And there was this guy called Pete. Looking back, this guy Pete, invented the web comic in my eyes. He had this semi-sporadic web page dedicated to the misadventures of one Barbi the Barbarienne. It was cheesecake. It sometimes danced a rather soft core line. I ignored that because it was filled with clever dialogue, atrocious puns, and self-referential and obscure humor.

I gobbled it up.

And when this plane unburdened waif applied to college, she tacked on a 25 page short story called 'Alice in Collegeland' filled with clever dialogue, atrocious puns, and self-referential humor. And I got in. 

So this guy Pete, he invented the web comic and got me into college. 

Well, I grew up and forgot my mIRC password and life goes on obla-die obla-yadda yadda yadda.

A decade later I bump into this guy Pete again and this time it is right here on TheDEV. Fancy how that wheel of karma spins in the mud. 

Bumping into him again was a prize in and of itself.

But I threw together a little contest and this guy Pete drew an entry. 

The thing about this guy Pete, he hadn't sat down to draw anything new in quite a long while. The fact that he sat down and gritted his teeth and cursed the heavens to draw something for this little waif of a mascot from a decade ago and her nonsense- well that was a grand prize most grandiose for me. 

As I have said, the virtual pool party silliness wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for all of you - my wondeful DEVfriends. But in a way, none of this would exist if it wasn't for this guy Pete. I have a rather sticky brain and all those bits of clever dialogue, the atrocious puns, the fourth wall decimating, the self-referential self-effacing, the humor obscura, they stuck. So in a way, the Abbot and Costello of inner conflict, the cryo-freezing old account avatars, the hyper-dimensional mustached photoshoppery, and the sound trashing of Randy Newman exists because of this guy Pete. He is indirectly responsible for the silliness of hai-VY. He made me/ME what I am today. I don't know if that is a grand prize, but it is to me - and everyone else, you know who to blame.

He is very responsible for influencing aspects of real-life me that let me enjoy being the person 'I' am today. 

This guy Pete - he's the best surrogate Dad a girl could have.

I just wanted to say: Thank you. 

:iconmudivy: :iconhaikulture: :iconmistermysterioso: :iconfemmejoeyramoneplz: Congratulations Pete and Thank You!!!!

*** *** ***
:iconmudivy: So that's that then?

:iconhai-kulture: Pretty much

:iconmudivy: Aside from the 'I DIDN'T WIN! I HATE YOU's

:iconhai-kulture: Well I did say there was one last big surprise. And here it is:

I don't know how many times I have said this, but thank you everybody for making The First Annual Wet Cement Pool Party '013: The Conteskoning so much fun. Thank you for all the hard work, the imagination, the talent, and the summertime silliness in all the entries. Thank you for making my virtual pool party into a real life virtual day. For making it the best DEVday ever! (Actually if you click on an entry many of the others pop up in that oh so DEVfabulous 'More like this. An actual DEVniche was created!) What made me smile the most was seeing you comment on each other's entries. It really was a get-together!

:iconmudivy: Is this where you say 'I wish you could all be winners...'?

:iconhai-kulture: No this is where I say - YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!


I can't afford it right now, but I have decided to give one month preemies to everyone who joined in on the fun. Everyone's imagination and hard work should be rewarded and encouraged after all. :) So through use of a random number generator...

:iconmudivy: Or through use of writing everyone's name down on a slip of paper and drawing from a hat which is what she did...

:iconhai-kulture: I have assigned one month membership prizes over the months to come

October: A-020 and Jade
November: ChaosFive55 and Bhudi
December: Anya and Gemini
January: Silkyfriction and Fantasy Play
February: SouthernCrossfire and G4MM43t4
March: Weirdy and Pink Rose of Texas

:iconhai-kulture: Congratulations EVERYONE!!!!!

:iconmudivy: We will certainly enjoy our 'new patio' come springtime 

:iconhai-kulture: And then break out the jackhammer so we can do it all again!


:iconmudivy: *begins to walk off stage*

:iconhai-kulture: *stops and redirects the other way*

:iconmudivy: *nods and begins to walk the other way* 

*music plays*

:iconmudivy: *stops, looks confused. and walks off stage the other way*


[*** FADE TO BLACK***]

:iconhai-kulture: GAH! She totally did that to pad camera time!


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